Welcome to Stallion Security & Safety Services Ltd.

Stallion is the first company in Yemen to offer the whole spectrum of security services and all kinds of related operations including manned services: guard posts, private escorts, heavy transport escorts, personal guards, facility security teams, group escorts, and special security services. Our company also specializes in the provision and installation of all kinds of security and safety equipment and safety gear. Our product range includes cctv, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, access control, metal detectors, anti-shatter film etc. We supply from reputable companies such as Sanyo, 3M, Ceia, Miditec, Cardax, GE, Apollo, Bosch, Firex, MSA, Walls, Bullard, amongst numerous others.

The Pioneer  in Security Services in the Republic of Yemen



Head Office: Sana'a, Tel : +967-1-440418/196, Fax: +967-1-440415 / Showroom: Sana'a, Tel : +967-1-217580, Fax: +967-1-217579
P.O. Box 16916  Sana'a, Rep. of Yemen, www.stallionsecurity.com   Sales: