About Stallion Security

Our reputation reaches remote places in the country and internationally, bringing a quick and secure end to any local dispute which may arise.

To be the leader in providing integrated security solutions in both Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula.

Stallion is the first company in Yemen to offer the whole spectrum of security services and all kinds of related operations including manned services:

  • Guard Posts.
  • Private Escorts.
  • Heavy Transport Escorts.
  • Personal Guards.
    Facility Security Teams.
  • Group Escorts.
  • Special Security Services.

Stallion Security is one of the largest companies in Yemen providing Safety and protective equipment which keep work sites secure and help companies ensure full compliance with safety regulations.

Over 800 Safety items selected from brands chosen over the years by customer feedback and our own experience, in order to provide you the latest and most dependable technology, support, and the best value for your money.

In our board of directors are noble persons of high social standing, widely respected for their influence and honorable deeds.

This makes a strong fundament for our operations, since it prevents disturbances of any nature. Their reputation reaches remote places in the country and internationally, bringing a quick and secure end to any local dispute which may arise.

The excellent relation with the local authorities, levels any bureaucratic barriers, and ensures legitimate handling of security operations. Stallion’s board of directors shows that Stallion is in secure hands.

Our Management is carefully chosen to include the most professional and efficient executives. All persons in our management team have an international academic background, have more than 15 to 20 year experience, and are fluent in at least two languages.

This ensures a smooth and risk free operation and efficiency in handling crisis situations. Constant monitoring of the security operations and their performance is maintained, including the preparation of a daily report on performance, appearance, and behavior of personnel. All comments of our clients are taken very seriously and are implemented accordingly.

Strict actions are taken whenever a security operation proves to have faults, and the personnel concerned are accounted for. On the other hand, our company rewards efficient and loyal personnel, and many incentives are given to those employees who constantly improve their performance.

This brings our staff closer to our company and to the dedicated goals, which clearly coincide with our client’s needs.

Our guards and officers are only chosen after they have passed a rigorous security test, a general aptitude test including the mastering of the English language for most positions, a first aid test and a medical check including physical fitness.

In addition, the management ensures general basic principles to be respected by each employee, such as appearance, politeness and public awareness.

In order to ensure respect and orderly appearance, our guards wear the distinguished company uniform and identification cards. They strictly adhere to the company’s work schedule and security program.

A monitoring team constantly evaluates a security operations performance and reports to the headquarters any faults or breaches.

During this operation strict rules are maintained and no excuse is given for any wrong doing by our personnel.

Only through rigorous implementation of our monitoring principles, we can preserve our companies’ high performance and international reputation.

The management of Stallion Security and Safety Services Ltd. is committed to the prevailing global and local requirements and specifications and global legislation for providing high-quality services, and is committed to adopting appropriate methods that allow continuous improvement and development of the company’s quality system, and the company’s management will strive to achieve this through:

  • Meeting the needs and expectations of clients and pay attention to their requirements, complaints and suggestions.
  • Disseminating and promoting a culture of quality among the company’s employees, in accordance with the best professional practices.
  • Adherence to the application of general policies and work rules to ensure the achievement of quality objectives.
  • Improving the company’s working methods by developing work procedures to achieve quality objectives.
  • Developing the skills and abilities of the employees and involving them in the development and decision-making process.

Stallion Security and Safety Services Ltd. abide by the following declarations:
United Nations Declaration of Human Rights:

Modern Slavery Act 2015:

The Human Rights of Women and Gender Equality:

Striving towards Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection:

We strive towards using sustainable energy sources such as solar energy and continuously train our staff in environmental protection and educate them in the global impact process.

We strictly implement an anti-drug policy:

  • Safeguarding children and never using child or prison labor in our work.
  • Combatting trafficking and slavery.
  • Promoting equality between men and women.
  • Providing proper working conditions, hours, and compensation to everyone who works at Stallion Security.
  • Making sure our partners are committed to fair labor and sustainable sourcing practices that protect the health and well-being of workers and communities.
  • Implementing a strict anti-drug policy.
  • Environment Protection.
  • Using Sustainable Energy