Security Services & Solutions

Our specialized security officers perform a variety of safety services in addition to guarding.

Stallion Security Services

Stallion guards are trained using the newest standards in security applications. Only highly qualified and reliable personnel are hired by Stallion, and our distinguished uniforms are only given to persons who dedicate themselves to strive for quality services.

Through exploring our client’s needs, we offer special tailor made security arrangements. From permanent guards at your villa, embassy, facility, factory, headquarters, productions company site or any site of operation, to the task of organizing security personnel for celebrations and conferences. All these positions are served by our excellent staff who are in constant contact with our headquarters.

We tackle problems immediately as they occur, and if the need arises, we dispatch additional guards to consolidate any outbreak in security. In addition, our excellent relations with the police and Government authorities, qualifies the strive to conclude any security operation based on the laws of the Republic of Yemen. Our clients can rely upon us to administer their needs and to finalize any formalities with the government bodies, which are connected to Security operations.

Our quick action team is highly trained and the members are chosen after a rigorous training. In only minutes the team is deployed at any site in Sanaa.

We have the Nations’ finest canine team. Our dogs are of German Shepherd descent and are trained to find the most sophisticated explosives, drugs and any suspicious liquids or composites.

In this scope we have contacted numerous companies throughout the world for professional assistance in order to gain experience in this field and in order to provide the most up-to-date services. Our Companies’ board of directors’ liquidity makes us strive for bigger ambitions, and at the same time ensures the acquisition of high quality equipment, without hesitation.

Our goal is to be number-one in the Arabian Peninsula, and we will continue our efforts to fulfill this goal.

According to International Standards

Through our affiliation with American and German partners, we were able to meet international security standards for our personnel. Most of our field staff engaged in numerous training programs, designed by American and German Security specialists. The basics of security operations were conveyed to our personnel by experienced and reputable trainers.

In addition a number of our guards went through intensive training, including the actions to be taken in crisis situations. These situations could be different in manner such as sudden break-ins of sites, burglaries, personal attacks, first aid treatment when injuries are inflicted, site-accidents, group havoc, panic and civil disturbance. Other widespread basic knowledge includes the treatment of poisonings, choking, electrical shocks and burns.

Our fleet of armored cars is ready to cater for any needs. Armored up to B7 our cars withstand most used bullets and assault rifles. Our drivers are trained in defensive driving and military standard evacuation and escape routes.

Stallion Security Solutions

on Site Security and Provision of Equipment

Included in our spectrum of services is the provision of security equipment supplied by international companies. Site monitoring devices and systems, house and car-alarms including GPS tracking, warning devices for all situations are all available. The on site assessment is followed by the tailoring according to the client’s needs. The equipment needed is carefully assessed and designed in order to bring about maximum security performance.

Through this process local circumstances are carefully accounted for and nothing is left to chance. Let your security equipment needs be supplied by Stallion’s qualified staff.

Our engineers who deal with this equipment are from different nationalities, and have at least 15 years experience in the field. Through using their expertise, careful installations are carried out with subsequent testing of equipment. Since after sales service is one of our main concerns, we continue to provide maintenance for our clients after the installations.

In this scope we have optional one year to five year contracts. This alongside a complete spare parts infrastructure and the availability of courier services, should there be an immediate need for any part, which is not available in our stock.

Other projects include the importation of the most modern alarm and safety systems for numerous clients, such as oil companies and factories. This includes gas, fire, leakage-sensing devices, fire extinguishing systems, safety gear, etc.

Installation & Maintenance of IP & CCTV Surveillance
Stallion Security is one of the largest companies in Yemen for Installing and Maintaining of CCTV surveillance. We have engaged in major projects throughout the country and installed a complex CCTV system in large government sites, trade centers, refineries and airports.

CCTV Systems, IP Cameras & Matrix
Our total digital video and audio recording system provides continuous CCTV recording, archiving and debriefing capabilities that meets the needs of today’s demanding security environment. The complete solution for high-level security. Alternatively, the stand-alone CCTV systems, which provide visual display of specific areas of persons or buildings. Our sophisticated software includes face recognition, suspect movement alarms, remote surveillance through the app in your mobile device.

CCTV Surveillance Systems
Since its inception, Stallion Security has successfully installed CCTV Systems across all industries and types of environments. These include industrial factories + offices, retail outlets, supermarkets, office blocks, shopping centers, etc. All the surveillance systems are installed & maintained by Stallion Security are the most up to date digital systems.

Access Control, Intrusion & Alarms Systems
Stallion Security is providing the state-of-the-art access control and intrusion systems. These systems ensure a secure environment for the modern-day business. With full monitoring of points of access and perimeters, the systems provide effective control of access to the plant or building.

  • Stand Alone Access Control
    For the facility that requires a stand-alone access control system. Designed to client specifications the system provides effective means of controlling access to designated areas with the appropriate levels of security maintained.
  • Online Access Control Systems
    We design and install fully networked online access control systems. These systems are tailored to incorporate all the necessary peripheral devices to control, monitor and provide visual display of the plant or building including complete recordings of event information. This system provides the total integrated access control and alarm monitoring system for leading organizations.
  • Asset Tracking Systems
    A system, which provides the management with the necessary tools to control assets within the organization. Through the designation of areas, through specifying access points, and real time GPS monitoring of assets that are being transported from one area to another by readers and tags attached to the asset. Assets can also be monitored against removal from fixed designated workstations or sites.

Installation & Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems

  • Stallion Security has a standard call-out procedure for each system installed with 24-hour service.
  • Stallion Security endeavor to respond within the hour and on site within 24 hours of being notified.
    Qualified and trained technicians would respond to the specific project with the necessary tools and stock to attend to the fault(s), should the system require additional spares, these would be obtained within the shortest time required. Servicing of equipment is carried out by Stallion Security in-house capabilities.
  • Stallion Security undertakes after sales service agreements and pride in the in-depth knowledge of its product base with central documentation for each project undertaken. Quality is an element of the attitudes of our technicians that has been carefully nurtured and is evident in the compliments received from clients.

A full range of fire and safety solutions

Trained response teams
Our fire and safety teams are trained on a regular basis in accordance with local safety regulations and standards. We can also deliver on-site or virtual reality training sessions to our clients’ safety teams to enhance their skills.

Consultation and Risk assessment
A fire risk assessment will provide an understanding of the fire risk and help select the proper safety services to minimize any business interruption. We also help businesses to tailor contingency plans to be compliant with legal requirements.